Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steak Night

I am an animal lover. I really am. I usually prefer them grilled over a bed of charcoal or pan seared with a good measure of spices and salt thrown in. Maybe a side of vegetables to make it look healthy.

So yesterday was steak night. Steak night usually happens the night after an especially hard day at work. On such a night, I simply need some comfort food that would satisfy not only my appetite but my soul as well.

What better to soothe the soul than a thick slab of nicely marbled beef marinated in Worcestershire sauce and later pan fried with a massive dose of butter, garlic and honey barbecue sauce slathered all over it.

For the side salad, I had some sun dried tomatoes, Provencal olives, sliced onions and garlic with a healthy heap of greens tossed in Italian dressing. Its a simple and light salad, one easy to swallow though the olives may be an acquired taste for some. And while some people prefer a glass of Pinot Noir with their steak, I prefer a nice cold glass of San Pellegrino to wash it all down.

Such decadence and done all too simply. Give steak night a try. You may end up wanting to do it every week!

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