Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sambal Stingray

I'm a fussy eater when it comes to stingrays. I am very sensitive to the ray's smell. When stingrays are not prepared properly during its gutting, it has this ammonia smell which can range from outright pungent to a slight scent. My nose somehow seems so sensitive to this scent that at one family gathering, almost everyone seemed to disagree that the barbecued ray being served had the smell. I would have declared them to be scent-handicapped but didn't think it would have gone down well with my grandpa.

Stingrays for me are best served either barbecued, in sambal or in the delicious Malay chilli gravy known as Assam Pedas. Coming home late one day from work, I decided to just make a meal of sambal stingray and rice. Although it may be surprising to you that i would even bother to cook after a long day at work, I find it extremely therapeutic to be cooking. It kinda lets me focus on the task at hand and not think about anything else during that period.

I used a shortcut this time round, using a 200g bottle of belachan chilli in addition to the standard shallots, onions, garlic and lots of vegetable oil. After letting the sambal simmer for a while, I slip in the ray, which had been soaked in assam and salt water into the pan of sambal. Toss in sliced spring onions before serving and lo behold:
A great dinner for two in less than half an hour.

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